28.03.2014, 22:00 Uhr: Berliner Windelparty im Quälgeist / Nappies for a Change

Am 28. März 2014 lädt der SM-Club Quälgeist Berlin e.V. ab 22:00 Uhr alle männlichen Windelfans zur vierten Ausgabe seiner Windelparty.


Die Clubräume findet Ihr am Mehringdamm 51 auf dem vierten Hinterhof. Die Tagesmitgliedschaft kostet für die Party 12 €. Weitere Details und ein Interview mit einem der Organisatoren findet Ihr hier: Neue Berliner Windelparty für Männer.


On 28th of March, there will be the third edition of the Happy Nappy Fetish Party at Quälgeist in Berlin.

International Guests are very welcome; usually at any parties in Berlin we cater a very international crowd, so dont be afraid if your german is a bit rusty.

Mehringdamm 51, 4th back yard,

Entry: EUR 12
Drinks are very moderately priced.
Dress Code: everything from casual to fetish, visible diapers welcome

Please share this event in your communities. We want this to be a really international party. For any tips about accomodation or other travel advise, please feel free to contact us using the contact form.


Über Eldi

Ich organisiere seit Anfang 2009 mit meiner Freundin zusammen den Berliner Windelstammtisch. Seit wir uns beide in dieser Szene herumtreiben, haben wir jede Menge liebe und interessante Menschen aus der ganzen Republik kennengelernt.

2 Antworten zu Berliner Windelparty im Quälgeist / Nappies for a Change

  1. Annonymous sagt:

    Hi. In regards to this: 28.03.2014, 22:00 Uhr: Berliner Windelparty im Quälgeist / Nappies for a Change

    What kind of arrangements happens at this place? What kind of things go on there? Is it adult baby setting? Diaper lover setting? Is there anyway to get more information on what happens during these events (preferably in english)?

    Thank you

    • Linus sagt:

      Hi Mr. Anonymous,

      I’d say it is a „get together“ of like-minded people in a private setting. The friday party is male-only and attracts a mixed audience of gay, bi and straight men. It is more of a diaper lover setting. Diapers are worn visibly or covered by plastic pants. The location is a SM-club and so you might see some of the gear in use, as there are some people like to mix diaper play with SM.
      It is a laid back atmosphere; having a drink at the bar, looking around in the play areas, change your diaper and chat to other people. It is usually an All-Nighter, starting around 10pm and going on till 5 or 6 am.

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