28. Januar 2011: Große Windelparty im Böse Buben Club

Invitation International Diaper Party Berlin

Der Gay-Windel-Club-Berlin veranstaltet auch 2011 wieder eine große Winter-Windelparty. Die Party findet wie üblich in den Räumen des Böse Buben Clubs statt:


Herzlich willkommen sind alle Jungs und Männer, egal ob schwul, hetero oder bi, die selbst gern Windeln tragen oder sonst mit dem Thema etwas anfangen können. Zitat von der Website des BBC:

Einlass vorbehalten. Für Interessenten: Kontakt aufnehmen, Mitspielen ja, Gaffen nein.

Termin: Freitag: 28. Januar 2011, Einlass ist ab 21:00 Uhr, der Eintritt kostet 8 Euro an der Abendkasse.

Für’s Protokoll: Ich bin selbst nicht der Veranstalter, ich habe nur die Ehre, Euch hier an dieser Stelle alle herzlich einzuladen :-).

Wer kommen mag, aber sich in Berlin nicht auskennt, kann sich gerne an uns wenden. Wir können Tips für passende Hotels / Hostels zu günstigen Preisen geben. Wir freuen uns über viele Gäste aus ganz Deutschland.

Viele Grüße, wir sehen uns dann hoffentlich im Januar!
Euer Eldi.


Hi everyone,

for all of you, who always wanted to see Berlin, one of the really great capitals in Europe and also want to have some diaper fun. Since 10 years the Gay Diaper Club Berlin organises this fabulous international party in a private location, where we can be, what we wanna be, Diaper Boys. International guests from all over Europe and USA prove that this is worth a visit.

While mainly targeted for the gay community, also open minded straight guys are more than welcome.
This is an open party, no reservation is needed. Just be there at the adress shown below:
Posted Image

Date: Friday, Jan 28,2011 starting from 9pm
Dress Code: whatever you like, as long as it includes a diaper.
Entrance Fee: 8 Euro
What to expect: drinks, talk, changing area, play rooms, fun

If you are interested in coming, but not sure about accomodation, please let me know.
I am local in Berlin and can help you out finding vibrant hostels or chic hotels in the nicest areas.
Despite Berlin is one of the moste interesting cities in the world, it is still absolutely affordable. So don’t worry about the expenses. It is easy to find a nice place at a good price.

Berlin Diaper Munch at Sat, Jan 29. So you get two diaper events at one weekend.
Starting at 7pm at following adress
Posted Image

Über Eldi

Ich organisiere seit Anfang 2009 mit meiner Freundin zusammen den Berliner Windelstammtisch. Seit wir uns beide in dieser Szene herumtreiben, haben wir jede Menge liebe und interessante Menschen aus der ganzen Republik kennengelernt.

5 Antworten zu 28. Januar 2011: Große Windelparty im Böse Buben Club

  1. benny sagt:

    möchte große windel bestellen aber weiss nicht wo

    • Linus sagt:

      Das passt jetzt hier zwar nicht ganz zum Thema, aber sehr beliebt ist der folgende Online-Shop:
      SaveExpress (www.ohwe.de/save)

  2. Berlin diaper meeting Winter 2011
    January: Friday 28th

    For those of you who have not attended before, this is a very special event. Best put, it is like diaper-fantasy land for one night where the entire location is devoted to diapers – DL, AB, furry, sissy, wet boy’s or whatever you desire! It doesn’t matter if you are gay, bi or straight, given nature of the facility and the number of people it can hold, you can find whatever you want and no better diaper party in Europe. This year’s party is held in a beautiful new location in Berlin near downtown. So if you’ve never been, grab your diapers! We advise you might like to bring a pair of suspenders to hold them on because this event will not only blow your socks off, but possibly your diapers too. Nudity, changing, and a lot more is allowed in our private rooms! So come and join us!

    The Winter meeting is new and because of the big succes we will do it again for a scond time.
    You guys from all over shouldn’t miss this weekend offering more than just a cool and hip city and a unique diaper meeting for guys who share your interest in diapers. You might be the naughty bed wetter, the baby, little brother, diaper daddy or cool diaper lad, sports guy, army lover, pee boy, guy from next door type,…many facets of the diaper fetish are shown within our scene and its always cool to meet in a crowd of like minds.

    We are very happy to organize the meeting, even though it is not easy to coordinate a party like this since so many are just connected on the Internet its worldwide connections. However, it will be great to meet you guys! Don’t be shy and join us for the fun. Don’t miss a great diaper time just for diaper guys like you.

    IMPORTANT: Notice our NEW Address!

    Public Transportation: Station Südkreuz, S-Bahn, Line 41 and 42
    There will be an entrance fee of 8,- Euro just covering costs of renting the location.

  3. marco onnen sagt:

    würde gerne mal an so einen treffen teilnahmen nur leider ist es zuweit weg von mir

    lg vom windelbaby lili aus wangerooge

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